• Turkey Run 2016

    Turkey Run 2016 brought to you by Rise Up and Run...the Tri-State's premier race timing and production company.

  • Robert John and Associates Color Noir 2016

    This commercial was shot at the L&N Train Museum and on First Street in Downtown Evansville, Indiana.

  • Robert John and Associates Wrongful Death

    This commercial features Robert John and Associates regarding wrongful death cases.

  • Gary West "Ring of Fire"

    Music Video for Gary West's project "For the Love of Cash" featuring the song "Ring of Fire" written by Johnny Cash.

  • Robert John and Associates Noir

    Robert John and Associates commercial shot in Noir style.

  • "Shoeless Blues" The Journey of Boscoe France.

    This documentary shows the journey of Blues Guitar player, Boscoe France. Co-created by Ben Woehler and Alex Morgan.

  • Whole Sun Designs

    Presentation video for Whole Sun Designs, a solar power installation company.

  • Chimaira "Crown of Phantoms"

    Shot in Cleveland, this live video was created for the song Crown of Phantoms by the band Chimaira.

  • Leakmaster

    Presentation video for the company LEAKMASTER located in Evansville, Indiana.

  • Bluegrass Trucking Presentation Video

    This presentation video is for Bluegrass Trucking located in Henderson Kentucky. Directed by Alex Morgan, Co-shot and Edited by Tony Hitchcock.

  • Bluegrass Trucking 30 second TV Spot

    This commercial was created for Bluegrass Trucking in Henderson, Ky. Directed by Alex Morgan and Co-filmed and edited by Toby Hitchcock.